Eduard Leven (1958) is one of the few well-known art photographers living beyond the Urals. He is one of those photographers who started off their creative career with classic analog photography.

Now, upon successfully switching to digital era, he continues to develop his expressive language and philosophically explore the visual component of this world in this new capacity, applying traditional techniques.

Selected personal exhibitions:

2021 - "Art of Foto" gallery, Saint Petersburg

2020Museum Erarta, Saint Petersburg

2018 - Museum of Local History Novosibirsk

2017 - City Center of Visual Arts Novosibirsk

2017 - "Galleryindex"  Korea

2016 - Museum of Local History Novosibirsk

2010 - SB RAS House of Scientists exhibition hall, Novosibirsk

2007 - The Lumiere Brothers gallery, Moscow

2007 - Novosibirsk Art Museum

2005 - The Lumiere Brothers gallery, Moscow

2005 - «Galerie Lind» Villach,   Austria

2005 - Costacciaro-Corso Mazzini. Gubbio, Italy

2004 - "Connection" gallery, Novosibirsk

2004 - Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk

2003 - The German Consulate, Novosibirsk

2003 - “Vneshtorgbank” gallery, Novosibirsk

2001 - SB RAS House of Scientists exhibition hall, Novosibirsk

Group Exhibitions:

2019  Landscapes: East Meets West  Shatto Gallery, USA

2018  Mysteries of Russian Landscape  Gallery Sirius Tokio,  Japan

2010  Natura ad Arte Grafica internazionale d'arte? Centro di Cultura La Medusa Italia

2007  Gyeongnam International Art Festival  Korea

2000  The 5th Shanghai International Photographic Art Exhibition  China



Museum of the Russian Photography

State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO

Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Novosibirsk State Museum of Local History and Nature

Private collections in Austria, Italy, Korea, Japan ...


​​Limited Edition Gelatin-Silver Prints

Signed, dated, numbered and titled.

Process Statement:

Photographic enlarger DURST Modular 70 Professional

Black & white papers ILFORD

The last series (2010-2017) were shot by the medium format camera Mamiya RB67 Professional SD

*Some images may have larger editions.

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