III "Pasture of Bright Fishes. Manitou's* Advent”.

Trilogy. Time of creating - Kalpa* "Shveta-Varakha”

The series refers to the black square of Kazimir Malevich. Photographically, it could have looked just like a piece of black, overexposed gelatin-silver photo paper...  Expanding the time range of our vision, we can suddenly find in it some different meanings and readings…

Seascapes unchanged for billions of years, captured on medium-format film interspersed with digital graphics. About the main, significant event of our generation - emergence of mobile Internet where one of the visual moves is to illustrate hypothetical similarity of the analog photo process (overexposed, light-burned negative) with digital data carrier.

Overabundance in informational -as well as material - sphere turns into a negative in the bright future. It’s in this analog photography that the positive corresponds to the negative and vice versa, while choice and measure create harmony.

Between the dark past and the bright future – black karmic, suprematist square, point, moment of the present, manifestation of the future invisible to contemporaries ... displayed by nobody or somebody …

*In “S. N. U. F. F.” novel by Victor Pelevin,  word Manitou is used in three meanings - spirit, monitor and money ...

*Another additional reading of typology is Kapla - unit of time measurement in Hinduism and Buddhism; the "day of Brahma" lasting, according to Bhagavata Purana, 4.32 billion years.