The New Altai      


This series is a peculiar, almost documentary story about the new Altai. Genrewise and stylistically it is a social landscape, portrait of the mountainous country or even a report on Time. People are somewhere near or far or maybe even asleep yet, but the narrative is precisely about their inner contents, desires and aspirations that are visibly reflected in observable reality through such randomly-inexplicable way.

The word "Arzhan" in many languages of the Great Steppe means “sacred well”, and that’s exactly how many of its inhabitants, and not only them, consider Altai - as some special, sacred, Pure land, the heart of Asia, and this is the sense in which one would like to listen to this mysterious rhythm  - hearing, seeing the omens of disappearing and new tribes, signs of the Present and the Future.

“Arzhan” stadium by Kurunda village, 2015

Стадион "Аржан" у пос. Курунда, 2015

Pyramid by Nizhny Uymon village, 2015

Пирамида у села Нижний Уймон, 2015

Sphere House, Nizhny Uymon village, 2015

Дом сфера, село Нижний Уймон, 2015

Sphere House, Cha-Jaievka eco-settlement, 2015

Дом сфера, экопоселение Ча-Чжаевка, 2015

Vikings at an unfinished camping’s entrance, 2015

Викинги на входе недостроенной базы, 2015

Nearby “Fairytale’s Guests” hostel, 2015

У хостела "В гостях у сказки", 2015

Indianist’s tipi near Kamlak settlement, 2015

Типи индеаниста, у пос. Камлак, 2015

Tipi for rent, a camping by the Katun river, 2015

Типи в аренду, турбаза у реки Катунь, 2015

Overturned House, Manzherok village, 2015

Перевернутый дом в селе Манжерок, 2015

Café-Ship, “Turquoise Katun” recreational area, 2015

Кафе-корабль, рекреационная зона "Бирюзовая Катунь", 2015

“To Waterfall”, “The Royal Hunt” tourist camping, 2015

"К водопаду", турбаза "Царская охота", 2015

Children's playground, “Rublevka” leisure complex, 2015

Детская площадка, развлекательный туркомплекс "Рублевка", 2015

Gorno-Altaisk, in front of “El Kurultai” state Assembly, 2015

Горно-Алтайск, у здания государственного Собрания "Эл Курултай", 2015

Japanese style café by artificial lake, “Rublevka” leisure complex, 2015

Кафе в японском стиле у искусственного озера, развлекательный комплекс Рублевка, 2015

Artificial lake, “Rublevka” leisure complex, 2015

Искусственное озеро, развлекательный комплекс "Рублевка", 2015

Entrance to “Korogon” camping site, 2015

Вход в турбазу "Корогон", 2015

Helipad, “Tursib” tourist complex, 2015

Вертолетная площадка, туркомплекс "Турсиб", 2015

Summer night, “Sun Valley” camping site, 2015

Летний вечер, турбаза "Солнечная долина", 2015