Starfall. Mirrors of Fate

Round cosmological photos where there is neither top nor bottom; lines and patterns in which are created exclusively by the light of the sun and the stars, these primary sources of light. Twelve abstract round images is a reference to astrological Natal charts. Circles and exquisite figures drawn by the sun on the water, are associated with circles of human life with its ups and futile existence, and the tracks of stars directed at them are their inevitable fateful influence; they are like arrows of Cupid and Thanatos, shot after us at the very beginning of our landing.

Print on gelatin-silver paper from two negatives - one with tracks of the stars and the moon, the other with tracks of the sun on the water; their combination symbolizes the archaic image of the merger of heaven and earth.

Photos are only four, like corners of the earth and seasons, but turning each of them thrice, right according to the number of months in each season, we get twelve - a reference to astrological Natal charts, indistinguishable among themselves for the unprepared viewer.

*At the exhibition, due to the black background and glass design, the viewer becomes clearly visible in the image and for a time becomes an integral part of it.